7 Effective Professional Photography Tips

7 Effective Professional Photography Tips

In this article are seven effective professional photography tips to jumpstart your career in this creative field.

1. Provide sunglasses polarizer.

If you really want to put in some punches to your photos, you need a polarizing filter. The “sunglasses” type is something every photographer (amateur and professional) must have most especially if taking shots of outdoor activities and landscapes. Polarized shots can diminish superfluous reflections or glares in replace for more saturated and richer colors.

2. Your camera must have “macro mode” settings.

If you activated the macro mode in your digital or SLR camera, you’ll be able to capture images like you’ve never seen before! Just look for the “macro” icon (which is commonly a flower symbol) in your camera and turn it on. Once it’s activated, you’re ready to take objects closely. Hold the shutter button carefully to allow your camera to focus on the object. Take note that a “confirmation light” will give you the signal to press the shutter in order for the photo to be saved in your memory.

3. Keep those tones warm.

Ever noticed that most of your shots have a cool yet damp feel to it? If so, don’t worry! All digital and SLR cameras have automatic “white balance” settings which warm up the tones of your snapshots. When capturing photos under a sunny landscape or outdoors, change your white balance settings from “automatic” to “cloudy”. So why the latter? It’s because this adjustment setting creates a mild and filtering effect on your photos. In other words, it increases the yellows and reds resulting to warmer shots.

4. You must own a tripod.

This is one of the most important professional photography tips to follow. However, the only problem with tripods is that they can be a pain in the butt when you carry them everywhere. For aspiring photographers, here’s good news! Pedco recently launched a revolutionary product that will keep your cameras steady in any situations – the ULTRAPOD. What is this all about? ULTRAPOD is a versatile and portable tripod that perfectly fits in your backpack or suitcase (check out Pedco’s official website for more information).

5. Get extra memory cards.

For those who own a couple (or even more) of digital cameras, having enough memory cards is very important. If you own a 4.5 megapixel camera for example, get a 256MB memory card. For cameras with 5.1 and above megapixels, you need 512MB memory card.

6. Set your camera to FLASH ON mode when capturing outdoor images.

When the camera is set to this mode, the flash will allow illuminating the main subject of your shot. The result? A quality picture where everything else regardless of composition looks great. Try using a range of variations by positioning your subject so that the sun will light up the hair from the back or side (“rim effect”).

7. Go for high resolution in taking photos.

In connection to #5, a memory card allows you to set your photos to high resolution.