9 Amazing Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photography (also known as “Baby Photography”) is one of the most gratifying ways to capture memories of your little ones. Here are nine amazing newborn photography tips for you to follow.

1. Get a good lens.

Of course, you’ll want a fast yet sharp lens for taking pictures of babies. A 55mm. is the best option for you. It feels great when you capture photos emphasizing the baby’s head using a “fill-framed” SLR camera.

2. Keep the props toned down.

You’ll probably want to use some props when taking photos of babies, but make sure you’re not overwhelming them. It’s a worth when a prop compliments your shots – true! But it’s more than that when you minimize your background.

3. Know the difference between “Portrait” and “Documentary”.

The former involves a lot of formal or arranged poses while the latter involves poses that are not instructed by the photographer.

4. Always keep your camera close.

A baby can be predictable regardless of his or her daily routine. On the other hand, there are certain moments that he or she can do something that’s funny, cute, sometimes disgusting but still worth capturing. Without keeping your camera close, you’ll be able to miss out on these moments.

5. Determine the “happy times” and take multiple shots of it.

This is one of the most challenging yet effective newborn photography tips. If the baby showed that cute smile while eating, holding a stuffed toy or lying in bed, get your camera and take many shots. Find out the best ones afterwards.

6. Don’t forget the best parts!

While taking full shots of babies has never been this cute, you shouldn’t forget the best part of it. Set your camera in macro mode and take shots of the baby’s fingers and toes.

7. Always use the appropriate settings.

For beginners, it is essential to get started with “aperture priority” settings. Here, you can choose your aperture and the camera will automatically configure the shutter speed. In taking shots of babies, make sure the shutter speed must be above 1/200. This is a great setting for capturing sharp images.

8. Keep on photographing the babies.

They are cuddly and adorable at any age, and getting random shots of them is oftentimes the most rewarding experience you’ll get. Whatever angle or lighting achieved, every shot of the newborn is just lovely!

9. Practice shooting as often as possible.

For beginners, this is one of the most important photography tips to follow. Venturing into baby photography is a productive move, but you can do better in practicing on your own kids first. Learn the basics of adjusting your camera settings based on the subject, theme, light source or other elements that makes a great picture. Read books on baby photography or watch instructional videos on how to come up with great shots of babies. If you came from a family of brilliant photographers, considering this field as your source of income is a big advantage.