Rules of Composition in Photography

Rules of Composition in Photography

If you are interested in the field of photography, then there is no doubt that you have heard about the different rules of composition that you should follow in order to come up with great pictures. In essence, composition refers to how you combine all the elements that you have in a picture, so as to ensure that you maintain the necessary balance of the piece. Here are some of the most important rules that you should try to adhere to when you take your photos. With the following guidelines, you should be able to ensure that every single picture that you take will be able to convey the message that you want, using the right elements in the frame.

Rule of Thirds

One of the most popular rules of composition is known as the Rule of Thirds. This rule works pretty simple, but will definitely allow you to maintain the subjects of your pictures as the main focus of the piece. All you have to do is to divide the whole frame into three vertical parts and three horizontal parts. The dots where the lines intersect are the best places for you to position the subjects of your photo. Doing so will help you see to it that you keep the right elements as the emphasis of the picture, as opposed to simply placing your subject at the smack center of the photograph. Even the most famous artistic pieces in history use the Rule of Thirds, and it will do you well to use this for your photographs as well.
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Maintain a level of Simplicity

Another rule that you may follow in order to lend the proper composition to your pictures is to always maintain a certain level of simplicity on your photographs. If the person that you are choosing is wearing a busy top, for example, then it will not be a good idea to situate him against a very busy background as well. Too many elements will simply distract those who will be looking at your pictures, especially if you fail to arrange the elements of your pictures properly. As the adage goes, simplicity is beauty. You do not have to use a lot of elements in your photos to make them beautiful.

Power of Contrast

Another great aspect that you may use is the power of contrast when it comes to creating beautiful pictures. As a matter of fact, lending the right amount of contrast to your photographs is one of the most important rules of composition. For example, use contrasting colors when it comes to picking out the different elements that you will include in your pictures. You may also make use of interesting lines to make a picture more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure that you practice a certain level of restraint when you pick out the contrasting elements that you will use, so as to make sure that you will still be able to achieve a unified feel in your photos. Make sure that the contrasts are glaring enough to be noticeable, but not too much to be distracting.

Food Photography

Food photography is a real art which is why it’s a highly specialized field but, anyone can learn it with a little practice. Instead of writing a post on how to photograph food, I decided to showcase some amazing photography examples below. So, if you’re a food photographer that need some inspiration, here are 50+ mouth-watering examples of food photography!

Sports Photography

Sports Photography

The Olympic Games have produced some of the greatest sports moments in history. And to go along with the great moments, there are often great photos: images that craft our memory of these moments.

Sports photographers from all over will descend on London Olympics to capture some of the world’s best athletes in the heat of competition and you can join in on the fun too!

CNN is inviting photographers to share their very best sports photography to CNN’s iReport sports photography master class.

Before sending in your photos, arm yourself with killer tips from sports photography experts. Then grab your camera, attend a local sporting event and submit your best shots. The best images, as selected by CNN photographers, will be featured in a photo gallery for

Tip #1

Use a fast shutter speed to stop action and a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field. If you prefer to use an automatic mode, use the “sports” program. Your camera will automatically select a fast shutter speed and large f-stop. 

Tip #2

Try to find a clean background. This will focus the viewer’s attention on your subject. Also, concentrate on your timing so you can capture exact moments, such as the ball leaving the pitcher’s fingertips.

Tip #3

Another composition technique used to direct the viewer’s attention is called the “rule of thirds.” Positioning your subject off to one side of the frame can make your pictures more interesting.

story tellers

story tellers

We love being story tellers and we work hard to plan the best way to be ready for unexpected and surprise moments that make each wedding day unique. At their wedding, there were so many beautiful moments, but one of our favourites was when the brides mothers pulled her onstage to sing and dance to one of her favourite childhood songs. We were able to capture the surprise, laughter and emotion of the performance and it turned into some of our favourite photographs of the day!

10 Great Tips for Taking Better Vacation Pictures

Summer is typically when most families travel on vacation, and more likely than not, you’ll be traveling camera-ready. Any photographer, both professional or amateur, can use simple tips to help them take better vacation photos.

Professional photographer, Andy Biggs has taken pictures at some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world and here he shares 10 great tips for taking better photos while vacationing.

Tip #1 Always Remember to Have Your Camera With You

Tip #2 Include People In Your Shots

Tip #3 Take Your Photos During the Best Light of the Day

Tip #4 Remember to Take Your Camera Manual

Tip #5 Vary the Types of Photographs

I capture a moment

I’m glad you’re here. If you are looking for a photographer, my hope is that you’ll like what you see and decide to book me.
I don’t just take a picture, I capture a moment. I create art where you and your family are the subjects.
I want you to treasure these images that we make together.
So sit back and look around. Get inspired. Learn something new. Share with your friends. And keep coming back. You never know, your memories may appear on this page too!

If you’re interested in booking a Tween session for your pre-teen please contact me to schedule by commenting here or visiting me on facebook and messaging me. I’d love to meet your pre-teen/tween child and make some great photos for you and him/her. 

Photojournalistic Destination Wedding Photographers

Photojournalistic Destination Wedding Photographers

We are Photojournalistic Destination Wedding Photographers from Denmark. Some of the best photos taken during your wedding day will be those unexpected moments! One thing you can be certain of is that, we will be there to document every tear, heartfelt emotion, all the joy, energy and chaos that make weddings so special to photograph & capture on celluloid. You will receive beautifully presented images that completely tell the story of your wedding. We are available for weddings in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Wedding Info

As one of the leading photographers in the field of Candid Wedding Photography, we are excited to present to you, yet another beautiful Wedding!

This wedding story

This wedding story is about a beautiful couple, Iben & Søren Friis. Their wedding was simple, beautiful & at the same time grand, classy, vibrant & colourful! The pictures below are a testimony to this!

The groom, hails from Vejle, Denmark. He was dressed impeccably for the D-Day! Sumit not only comes across but actually is genuinely a very simple & down to earth guy! The bride, on the other hand is someone who comes across as full of energy, bubbly & enthusiastic and she was looking extremely beautiful and photogenic for the occasion!

She was looking stunning & was dressed in a traditional nine yard. The wedding was a proper Wedding & was done with great pomp! It was done with great religious observance and as Candid Wedding Photographers, we had a great time capturing the traditions & rituals at the wedding. Having a good understanding of the above rituals is very important for capturing Candid Moments especially with when it comes to Candid Wedding Photography.

How to Get the Best Maternity Portraits

How to Get the Best Maternity Portraits

How to Get the Best Maternity Portraits

1. Pregnancy Portraits should be taken around the 6th or 7th month. The belly is the optimum size during the 6th or 7th month for portrait purposes.
Earlier than that the belly may be too small.

2. Several hours before your pregnancy / maternity photo shoot, you’ll want to take off anything that has tight elastic like slacks tight waistbands and undergarments or bras to make sure you don’t have elastic or strap marks on your skin.

3. Tops should be very form fitting… least around the bustline. Big shirts won’t show your form…and showing your form is the whole point. You’ll want something to cover the breasts, and yet expose the belly. Bringing a robe is a good idea to throw on in the studio in between poses.

Kreativ gravid fotografering på Fyn

4. Your hands are most likely going to show……so don’t forget to have a manicure and a pedicure too. Face powder is always a good idea to eliminate shiney spots. Moisturize elbows and knees.

5. Eat a light snack before the shoot.

6. Limit jewelry to essential pieces. While it’s nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits, too much jewelry will be distracting.

7. Bring images you’ve torn out of magazines or found on the web when you meet with your photographer. Showing examples is the best way to communicate with your photographer about the type of look and mood you want for your portraits. 

8. Be on time for your appointment and don’t schedule any appointments or activities directly after your photo shoot. Quality portraiture requires a good amount of time, you won’t want to rush your session and possibly have subpar results.

9 If you’re planning on including your husband in your images, make sure you discuss it with your photographer so they can give you clothing guidelines such as, you’ll probably want to bring black slacks and he won’t want to forget to either remove his belt, or bring one without a shiney belt buckle as the buckle can be a big distraction in the photo when it catches the light. 

10. Don’t shop on price alone. Find out what professional portrait prices are in your area. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples; don’t compare department store portrait prices to a fine art studio. Take a good look at their work. Is the creativity and skill level up to your expectations? Will you feel comfortable with the photographer? After you’ve evaluated the situation, DON’T hire the cheapest studio. After all, would you hire the cheapest ob/gyn? or the cheapest hairdresser, even? The cheapest of anything can end up being the most costly; especially when results are poor. As with weddings, there’s no reshoots with maternity photography. 

Wedding Info

Wedding Info

Let us, first of all, congratulate YOU on your forthcoming wedding!

It’s a big decision and now you need to create something special, something you’ve dreamt of.  Now you need to think every little detail of your day through and bring it to life, so that you and all your guests could remember this day as the most beautiful day, as a great celebration. And we are sure you will create the most beautiful day and everyone will enjoy every minute of it, but we tend to forget things, those little details and emotions that made the day so special.

Photojournalistic Destination Wedding Photographers

The only way to come back in time and feel the way you felt on the day are photographs.

Our goal as wedding photographers is to capture the joy of the day, every detail and emotion. Every couple we meet is so unique and so is their wedding, and we, therefore, treat every single wedding individually, we want the photographs to tell the story of this particular couple. That is why it is so important for us to meet YOU and talk trough your day and about the things that are important to you. Another great way to know each other even better is a pre-wedding photoshoot.

So if you’ve had a look through our photos and you feel that they speak to you in a certain way, don’t hesitate and please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further information on the packages and pricing.

Here is a list of what is included in every package:

  • two photographers
  • complimentary pre-wedding photoshoot
  • CD with all the photographs from the day
  • digital processing of the images
  • venue research
  • password-protected online gallery
  • and most important our passion for photography and endless ideas

We are so excited to hear from you!

Portrait Info


Here you will find some information about our lifestyle portrait sessions.

First of all we want you to know that we use only natural light for our portrait sessions and we offer two options for you: a photoshoot on location or at your home. For a location shoot we could go to a local park or local village, or we can even drive to the nearest city for more urban look; we are open to any fresh great ideas!

We spend up to 2 hours with you during the shoot and we don’t count how many images we take, we are just snapping away!

The main goal for us is for you to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable. So don’t be nervous on the day, be sure, we will have a lot of fun! We won’t ask you to pose for hours, we want you to be as natural and relaxed as you can.

Some tips for your session:

  • when deciding what to wear please keep in mind that we want YOU to be the focus of the photograph, avoid distracting patterns and prints
  • we would recommend morning sessions with the kids, because they get tired easily and we might not get the results we want
  • if you choose a location shoot we want the light to be perfect, not too dark, not too bright, so we’ll meet up with you either before 11 a.m or 2 hours before the sunset, this is when the lighting is at its best
  • you can have a few changes of clothing for your photoshoot if you want to

After the photoshoot it usually takes up to 10 days to process the images and put them into the password-protected online gallery where you can choose the prints. We then e-mail you the username and the password to log into your gallery.

We will also BLOG the best images from your photoshoot a few days after it, so you can have a sneak peek of what to expect. You can forward the link to your friends and family. Feel free to comment on the post! We really like to hear what you think of the photos!

Layer Masks in PhotoShop

Layer Masks in PhotoShop

First – what is a layer mask?

A Photoshop layer mask can be thought of as an invisible mask overlying your image and containing editing information. The mask can be made transparent in some places to allow the background to show through. All this is achieved without actually deleting any information from the image. Layer masks do not take up a great deal of memory and can be removed at any time and the original picture restored. They are saved when you save and close your file.

In Exercise 1 you will learn to combine two photographs using layer masks. In Exercise 2, a second application of layer masks is described.

Exercise 1: Applying and editing a layer mask

1. In PhotoShop, open two different pictures of your own (as in figures 1 & 2). Practice on fairly low resolution images so that you can work more quickly. Position the images on the screen so that you can see both. With the move tool, position the curser in the centre of File 1 and drag it on top of File 2. If you hold down the shift key at the same time, it will be dropped exactly into the middle of file 2. Otherwise, you can move it around once you have placed it there.

2. File 2 should now contain 2 layers (fig 3). You can check this by looking at the layers palate (fig 4). Now close File 1 – it is no longer needed. Your file 2 should look something like figure 3 at this point.