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Via : Yesterday, we attended an event that Flipboard held with Editors and Publishers about their new features in Flipboard 2.0. We know lots of you come to us via the popular app, so we made our own magazine on the platform to help give you a better experience of the photography world. And today, we’re officially announcingThe Phoblographer Magazine on Flipboard.

The Phoblographer magazine is our latest tool in helping to curate the photography world. We feature loads of interesting photos that we find, the latest in photography trends, tips, tricks, and our own content which includes tutorials, reviews, news and the staff’s opinions on photography culture.

We’re extremely excited to be announcing the new window to our world and we welcome you to peer into it.

To Read The Phoblographer Magazine: You must have a Flipboard 2.0 device (and at the moment of publishing this piece it is only on iOS devices.) You can click this link from your mobile device and add us that way. It looks great on an iPad. The company promises that support for Android is coming soon.

Where to share your photography

Where to share your photography

We’ve all got them. That perfect shot hidden away on our hard drive or waiting in a negative sleeve.

But, with 80 bajillion photo sharing sites out there the question of where to share our masterpieces is not always an easy answer.

Getting your photos in the right place means getting your photos seen, so Photojojo has come up with a foolproof guide to help you figure out:

A) What type of photographer are you?

B) Where should you share your stuff?

Sound simple? It is!

You can finally give ImageHive the heave ho and find the sharing service that’s right for you.

A Personalized Guide to Photo Sharing

p.p.s. We’re looking for the World’s Most Friendly Full Stack Web Developer in San Francisco, CA (relocation available) to join Photojojo (a.k.a. “Team Awesome”) Tell your friends!

The Globetrotting Travel Snapper

What They’re About: Hopping from hotel to hostel in search of graffiti filled alleyways and temples shrouded in fog.

Where They Share:

Flickr: The Flickr Travel Photography Group boasts over 75,000 members and the improved mobile app makes it easy to share while on safari.

Instagram: This photo-sharing app incorporates a neat map showing all your geotagged photos and makes it easy to share your travels across all your favorite social media sites at once.

Postagram: This app revolutionized the postcard. Simply take a pic on your phone, write a message, and hit send. The Italian postal system could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Their Cameras: Waterproof compacts, mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, dinged up DSLRs

The Fashionista Portrait Popper

What They’re About:The Portrait Popper assures that the fashions of their generation don’t go undocumented.

Where They Share:

Pinterest: A place to share and keep track of your best fashion photos. A digital dream board that serves fashion-fans as a well of inspiration.

Pose: Similar in design to Pinterest but much more fashion centered. Pose offers some fantastic features like the ability to tag items of clothing when you post!

Lookbook: The fashion-inclined share not only their best daily ensembles, but their best shots, too.

Their Cameras: Holgas, Polaroids, 85mm lenses

The Light Bending Experimenter

What They’re About: Photographic mavericks that set the shutter to their own tune and have no fright of the night.

Where They Share:

Flickr: Has a number of experimental groups such as: Experimentation, Experimental Techniques, Light Painting, Digital Abstract, and Illusions

DeviantArt: While not a solely photography based site DeviantArt showcases some fantastic abstract and digital art that overlaps with photography.

Reddit: Subreddits cover all manner of niche photography including: /r/toycameras, /r/PerfectTiming,/r/lightpainting, and the tantalizingly titled yet completely safe for work /r/exposureporn/

Their Cameras: Anything that will take a photo! From paper pinhole cameras, to giant walk-in camera rigs, to glitchy phone cameras and Rebels.

The Foodie Chronicler

What They’re About: Each day brings a new opportunity to fill their bellies and Instagram feeds with the best of both worlds.

Where They Share:

Instagram: To the foodie photog Instagram is like brushing your teeth, something you do everyday at least 2-3 times.

Foodspotting: This foodcentric photo app makes it easy to tag food types and find other users’ yummy stuff.

Serious Eats: The Photograzing section of Serious Eats offers up some of the finest food photography on the net.

Their Cameras: Their phone, DSLR or anything that will shoot macro

The Family Memory Machine

What They’re About: Pictorially protecting holidays, graduations, and family vacations from the inevitable fade of memory.

Where They Share:

Facebook: The popularity of Facebook, it’s simple design, and the ability to simply tag family members makes Facebook the social network of choice when it comes to family photo sharing.

Shutterfly: This popular print making service makes it easy to create photo books, stationery, and calendars from your own shots. It even has an app so you can use photos from your iPhone!

Their Cameras: Point-and-shoots, DSLRs, iPads, and zooming cameras for capturing various sporting events.

The Landscape Lover

What They’re About: The Landscape Lover can’t get enough of the outdoors and they have the camouflage tripod to prove it.

Where They Share:

Google: Nature photography based communities, built in photo editing, and extra large image uploads.

500px: Contributions from amazing landscape photographers from all around the world help to make 500px the gold standard of social photo sites. If you are interested in selling prints, this may be a good place to start.

Their Cameras: Million mega pixel DSLRs, medium format film holdouts

The Analogue Enthusiast

What They’re About:35mm, medium format or Polaroid, these retro revivalists love affair with analogue borders on religious.

Where They Share:

Tumblr: Powerful blogging resource and treasure trove of analogue projects. Search ‘film photography’ tag for some fine examples, and check out I Still Shoot Film and Filmspiration.

Flickr: There are tons of film photography groups on Flickr including this aptly titled group: I Shoot Film, which has a pool of over 2 million film shots. Whew, thats over 50 miles of film!

Meetup: This website is great for finding passionate people with similar interests and has loads of groups that are tailored towards film fanatics. (Ahem, photo walks!)

Their Cameras: Nikon F3s, Bronica S2s, Canon A-1s

The DIY Photo Crafter

What They’re About: While most people are content with a photo’s standard two dimensions, Photo Crafters like to see it in all three.

Where They Share:

Pinterest: The DIY and Crafts section of Pinterest is a mecca for those seeking crafty inspiration and looking to share their latest creations.

Instructables: This is where the mad scientists and fearless explorers of the photo world come to hand out their crafty camera hacks.

Their Cameras: DSLRs sporting a Holga lens, home modified IR cameras, their phone with a fisheye lens attached.

The Micro Macro Marvel

What They’re About: This specialized breed of shutter bug goes mad for all things small miniscule.

Where They Share:

Flickr: Boasting a number of fantastic macro groups such as Flower Closeups, Closer and Closer, Macro in Black and White, Macro Liquid, and Secret Forrest.

Small World: For thirty six years, Nikon’s Small World competition has been showing the world that the microscope can be just as effective as a paint brush for showcasing life’s natural beauty.

Their Cameras: Even your phone takes pretty sweet macro shots these days, but pros and enthusiasts shoot DSLRs with specialized lens so they feel special.

Night Photography Tips And How To Photograph Stars, Fireworks & Lightning

Now night photography seems to be something a lot of people are in need of learning, according to all of the comments I have been receiving recently, so I have complied an interesting mix of ways to put these night photography tips to really good use.

Most photographers

Most photographers would agree there are not a lot of opportunities to photograph stars in this area. This is partially true but you need very special conditions. The three major challenges are the weather, the moonlight, and the ambient light emitted from the nearby cities. But, if you’re determined enough, you just may find a window of time when you have nice dark skies. This requires a clear night with no moon, and a location isolated from the cities.

Best Tips To Photography the stars and the night sky…

Arrive Early – Possibly before Sunset
This will give you enough time for scouting around the area. During night, It’s difficult to capture details in foreground like flowers, mountain etc. If you arrive early, you pick your spot and take some pictures before it’s completely dark and later takes shots of sky and stars. During Post, you can blend images in your favorite photo editor.

Stable Platform – Tripod and Remote Shutter Release is a must!
Stable Platform is a must to get sharp pictures in Night. When shooting Milky-way, Stars and Meteors, generally exposures are ~30 Sec. It’s almost impossible to get tack sharp pictures w/o stable platform. A good quality tripod and remote shutter release should be first thing you keep in your gear bag before you head out for shooting!

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How To Take Photos Of The Sun, The Moon And An Eclipse

How To Take Photos Of The Sun, The Moon And An Eclipse

Need to capture amazing images of the sheer beauty found above us in the sky? Well you probably do, so be prepared, as occasions to record on film such magic moments may be far and between, and you might have a limited time span to take the photos you are so desperate to share with your family and friends.

Today, we have an array of great tips and tricks that will give you the upper hand to take photos of the sun, the moon, and even an eclipse… so I hope you enjoy this excellent photography insight as much as I did:).

How To Take Photos Of The Sun

The most important thing about viewing and photographing the Sun is eye-safety. Never attempt to see the Sun thru any optical instrument without proper filtration otherwise permanent damage to the eye will happen if you are not careful.

There are several filters that can be used to view and photograph the Sun; a cheap and effective alternative is a filter made of solar filter sheet. These filters will block UV and IR radiation and will only let a minimum amount of visible light pass thru. They are safe for viewing and photographing the sun as long as the filter is in perfect condition without tears or punctures. You can buy an already made filter or make your own.

The Baader astrosolar sheet is one of the many options you have. There are other filters available and usually if it’s safe for your eye it’s safe for your camera. Buy good quality filters from telescope & astronomy shops. Think that if a filter is safe for your eye thru a telescope then your camera sensor will be perfectly safe.

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Fashion Photography Career Tips

Fashion Photography Career Tips

If you are beginning a career in Fashion Photography or any form of People/Portrait Photography, then you really should take the time to listen to this interview – (grab a cup of coffee first:)

“The Candid Frame” recently interviewed leading Fashion Photographer “Peter Muggesen“, and I have been given permission to share the interview recording with you all.

career in graphic design

Muggesen gives insight into to how he began his career in graphic design, and then later in photography. He reveals how he managed to later become one of the very best Fashion Photographers in the world, with some great tips if you need inspiring.

We will soon be announcing a new Online Fashion Photography Course by Peter Muggesen, so take this opportunity to listen to his unique style, and get real insight into the world of fashion photography and fashion shoots.


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Wedding Photography Special – Tips, Resources And Recommendations

Wedding Photography Special – Tips, Resources And Recommendations

Hi there, and today we are going to take a look at the field of wedding photography, and in particular at my personal recommendation (who else but the leading wedding photography guru “Michael Allen” who for me is literally miles ahead of other leading wedding photographers who also make a living through sharing their own wedding photography secrets).

What will first strike you are the amazing images he has on his website just like the ones I have included here, so you can already see the reason why I am recommending him as the main guy to show you his wedding photography tricks:) In fact what impressed me most was his wedding photography training tutorial that leaves you with the desire to learn more… and so you can, in his well illustrated wedding photography books.

creating beautiful wedding photographs

Everyone wants a secret formula, that’s what everyone wants today, and to some extent, this book will offer insights and formulas that photographers can use to succeed in the wedding photography world. Brides and Wedding Planners get to find out what’s going on in the mind of a creative photographer, and the challenges that can make -or break- creating beautiful wedding photographs. There are a lot of books about weddings in the marketplace, this one offers some different insights from the eyes of a successful professional photographer.

awesome wedding photography tips

I’ve actually had a look through his work recently, and that was what really inspired me to write this review (let’s say), and share all these awesome wedding photography tips with my own followers, cause we all go to a wedding sooner or later, and  I wouldn’t want you to miss out on this great advice from the world’s best wedding photographer.

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Great Photography Tips – Try Different Angles

Great Photography Tips – Try Different Angles

It’s so easy, and the results are amazing. You should really try shooting your subject from a variety of different angles instead of just straight on. as we normally tend to do. This quick tip adds a unique point of view and dimension to your picture, and will really stand out from your normal shots.

Don’t be afraid to stand on a chair, climb up a hill, lay on your back, or even get on your knees. You could even try turning the camera 90° to take a vertical shot instead of a horizontal one.  This technique works well when you’re shooting something that is long, or when you’re taking a picture of one or two people.

Best Tip To Start Taking Great Photos – Use The Macro Mode

Hey there budding photographers, and today I am going to reveal probably the best photography tip for beginners to really take stunning pictures, so one great setting that is common on most digital cameras is the “macro mode” which helps to capture really great pictures of close-up objects like INSECTS and FLOWERS…

…And all it takes is an automatic setting on your camera! There are also some incredible manual settings you can tweak to make your macro shots look even better, so maybe check out your camera manual for more information:) 

More photography tips for “Continuous Shots”, “Trying Different Angles”, “White Balance”, and Flash will be revealed here soon, but If you have really enjoyed this quick tip… and want more great tips and tricks to help you take better photos right away, then just click on the link below and grab a copy of our FREE digital photography report.

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Introducing The Macro Mode

Introducing The Macro Mode

Another setting that is common on digital cameras is the “macro mode” which helps to capture really great pictures of close-up objects like Flowers and Insects… And all it takes is an automatic setting on your camera!

These photography video tips will help you discover how to recognize the best digital camera settings, as well as how to use the macro mode on your camera, so you can start to take great pictures too, so sit back and enjoy the video… I will continue to explore the Macro Mode in depth after the video:)

Okay, so if you move nearer with the macro setting, you will come across a completely new world of wonderful photo options directly below your nose. A part of the beauty of close-up photography is that you have a world of picture taking possibilities to be found, frequently right beneath your nose which means that it is possible to try things out indoors in the event the weather is not really so great outside.

Along with just a little creative productivity, even the most day-to-day items can make superb subjects and make amazing shots. Whenever you get in close proximity while using the macro mode, you’ll discover a beautiful, complex world of detail typically unseen or even disregarded by the human eye.

Firstly what exactly is Macro Mode?

The term macro means really close focusing upon things which might be only a few inches or even less from you. Just about all digital camera models possess a specialized macro function that means that you can really focus closer than normal. The small sensor sizing as well as small lenses of compact cameras have exposed the capability to take photos at a really small range making for extremely interesting, well-defined pictures.

Most digital cameras with a built-in zoom capability incorporate either a Macro system function or a Macro focusing selection. Both of these possibilities force your camera to focus much nearer than usual, at times a few centimeters in front of the actual lens. It is almost always indicated by a small flower image and frequently has its own option on the particular camera physical structure.

Macro modes differ widely in their usefulness

Macro modes differ widely in their usefulness. Several can easily fill the frame with a coin; many others struggle to focus on a sheet of writing paper. You’d utilize the macro setting should the tiny points really count, including the intricate fine detail on jewelery or small bugs for instance butterflies upon a flower stem.

Depending on your camera, the zoom range is going to be limited to broad angle configurations. You may even need to physically set the main focus. Your camera will probably not allow you to opt for any changes in this fully automatic function. For example, dependent upon your photographic camera, it may disable the flash to avoid excessive brightness that can happen in extreme close-up photography.

To discover the most out of the macro function

To discover the most out of the macro function, I suggest that you use a tripod to prevent blur from trembling camera. This is a genuine dilemma and wrecks a lot of photographs if the digital photographer is taking high magnification digital photography. If your photographic camera is mounted on the tripod, a flip-out, swiveling Liquid crystal display monitor is really a massive benefit as you are able to then readjust the angle of the Liquid crystal display display to give you a very clear view of the photograph even in tight quarters.

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Using A Digital Camera – Fill Flash Mode

Using A Digital Camera – Fill Flash Mode

If you are frustrated with your digital camera, and want to learn how to take great photographs, then today we have one of the best photography tips that will greatly improve both your digital camera knowledge and your picture taking abilities.

One of the great hidden features on digital cameras is the fill flash or flash on mode. By taking control of the flash you can make sure it goes on when you want it to, not when the camera deems it appropriate. If you do this, you’ve just taken an important step toward capturing great outdoor photographs.

When the camera is in flash on mode

When the camera is in flash on mode, it exposes first for the background and then adds just enough flash to illuminate your portrait subject. The result is that you get a professional-looking picture in which everything in the composition looks good. This is something that wedding photographers routinely use. After you get the hang of using it outdoors, you can try a couple variations on this theme by positioning the subjects so that the sun illuminates their hair from the side or the back. This is often referred to as rim lighting.

Another good technique is to put the model in the shade under a tree, and then use the flash to illuminate the subject. This keeps the model comfortable and cool; they won’t have to squint their eyes from the harsh sun. This also often results in a more relaxed looking portrait.

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Digital cameras have made photography affordable

Digital cameras have made photography affordable

Digital cameras have made photography affordable, quick and simple even for non-professionals. By following a few simple principles, beginners can take photos like pros. “Shoot Digital Pics Like the Pros” is a free 28-page special report from How to make professionel in a year. “Shoot Digiital Pics Like the Pros” gives an overview of the special features of digital cameras compared to film cameras, then guides the reader through some basic principles of digital photography.

venturing into digital photography

If this is your first time venturing into digital photography or wondering how to maximize the functions of your digital camera- THIS REPORT IS PERFECT FOR YOU! For example, ever wonder what a RAW format is and whether you should select that as your camera’s file format? This report has the answer: Plenty of tips await you that may be new (even to intermediate users), such as:

  • How to deal with shutter lag
  • How to take fast-action shots
  • How to warm up a picture without using a special lens
  • When and how to use fill flash
  • How much memory you really need

Even if you’ve been using a point-and-shoot digital camera for family photos, this report will surely have you exploring your camera’s many features to get better and more interesting pictures with it! Full of useful advice and tips, this report is especially friendly for beginners.

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