Creative Art & Photography

You have fallen in love and you have found “the one“. Now you plan and dream of sharing the journey of life together. Your emotions run deep and your heart feels as if it has wings.

I think the depths of emotion that define a wedding day are found most prominently in the small details: a look in the eyes, the dance of a candle’s flame, the graceful fold of a silken gown, the slightest touch of a hand…

creative Wedding

I prefer to work as part of a creative Wedding and Event team. This allows myself and another photographer I work with – to work together, to capture your special day in both color and black & white. As a part of this team, I strive to document the beautiful and subtle moments of your special day as they reveal themselves versus following a planned repertoire. Your photographs are the most lasting investments of your day, except for your love.

Taking time to slow down and connect with the natural world of which we are a part brings peace to our souls that cannot be found elsewhere. Quiet, intimate moments of reflection, beauty, grace and introspection suspended in the calming beauty of nature are what I strive to capture during intimate portrait sessions.

These sessions

These sessions are photographed at the beautiful “Bastrop County Project”, a private, primitive woodland preserve. They are co-photographed and art directed exclusively with the owner/designer of the project, artist and photographer Randy Kerr. I consider it a great privilege to be granted the opportunity to offer my clients the chance to be photographed at such a rare and beautiful location.

The real treasures of life cannot be bought, for they are priceless: the innocence of our babies, followed by their youthful idealism as they grow into toddlers, teenagers and young adults.

Life in its understanding, balances the energy of youth with the graceful wisdom and steadfast love of our parents and grandparents who have helped us find our path.

Brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones, each seeming to adorn our lives by a Divine design.