Digital Photography Tips: Storing and Transferring Images

  • Guard your images from computer crashes by having another backup outside your computer.
  • Windows and Mac both work well for your pictures. The quality of the image isn’t affected.
  • Purchase the largest memory card possible.
  • If you have to print, store and edit pictures on your computer, doing so using a card reader is better than connecting your camera directly into your PC.
  • JPEG is a good picture format. However, when working on your pictures such as editing, you shouldn’t use this format. Always save your pictures in TIFF or in your image processor’s suggested file formats.
  • Find an image browser that allows you to look at all of the photos as thumbnails for easy sorting of pictures.

Looking for Photography Equipment

  • Visit your favorite camera store when looking for equipment. Read reviews on special websites and on photography magazines. Each review that you read can help you make a solid and stronger choice that’s perfect for you.
  • Usually, point-and-shoot cameras’ optical zoom are within a limited range but may have the capability to zoom in electronically. This simply crops your picture, thereby using only a small part of your sensor. If it is possible for your camera settings, turn off this function and only use the optical zoom. You can then always crop your picture later if necessary.
  • When taking pictures of kids swimming or playing at the pool, using a disposable waterproof camera is a good choice.
  • The image quality produced by your camera depends not only on its sensor but also has something to do with image processing within your camera and its lens quality.
  • In order to compare lenses among digital cameras, look for equivalent size, 35 mm. The real focal length can sometimes be confusing because of the difference in sensor sizes.
  • Don’t buy a digital camera by looking at its features along. The way you handle and the way you react to its controls vary sufficiently enough to affect how much you will use and like the camera.