How to Get the Best Maternity Portraits

How to Get the Best Maternity Portraits

1. Pregnancy Portraits should be taken around the 6th or 7th month. The belly is the optimum size during the 6th or 7th month for portrait purposes.
Earlier than that the belly may be too small.

2. Several hours before your pregnancy / maternity photo shoot, you’ll want to take off anything that has tight elastic like slacks tight waistbands and undergarments or bras to make sure you don’t have elastic or strap marks on your skin.

3. Tops should be very form fitting… least around the bustline. Big shirts won’t show your form…and showing your form is the whole point. You’ll want something to cover the breasts, and yet expose the belly. Bringing a robe is a good idea to throw on in the studio in between poses.

Kreativ gravid fotografering på Fyn

4. Your hands are most likely going to show……so don’t forget to have a manicure and a pedicure too. Face powder is always a good idea to eliminate shiney spots. Moisturize elbows and knees.

5. Eat a light snack before the shoot.

6. Limit jewelry to essential pieces. While it’s nice to include special or important jewelry in your portraits, too much jewelry will be distracting.

7. Bring images you’ve torn out of magazines or found on the web when you meet with your photographer. Showing examples is the best way to communicate with your photographer about the type of look and mood you want for your portraits. 

8. Be on time for your appointment and don’t schedule any appointments or activities directly after your photo shoot. Quality portraiture requires a good amount of time, you won’t want to rush your session and possibly have subpar results.

9 If you’re planning on including your husband in your images, make sure you discuss it with your photographer so they can give you clothing guidelines such as, you’ll probably want to bring black slacks and he won’t want to forget to either remove his belt, or bring one without a shiney belt buckle as the buckle can be a big distraction in the photo when it catches the light. 

10. Don’t shop on price alone. Find out what professional portrait prices are in your area. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples; don’t compare department store portrait prices to a fine art studio. Take a good look at their work. Is the creativity and skill level up to your expectations? Will you feel comfortable with the photographer? After you’ve evaluated the situation, DON’T hire the cheapest studio. After all, would you hire the cheapest ob/gyn? or the cheapest hairdresser, even? The cheapest of anything can end up being the most costly; especially when results are poor. As with weddings, there’s no reshoots with maternity photography.