How to Photograph a Rainbow

A rainbow is not something that one sees every day, much more gets the perfect picture of. A lot of photographers often try their luck when it comes to capturing such a magical phenomena, only to be disappointed with the images that they come up with. However, there are certain things that you may do in order to take the perfect rainbow picture, all of which will rely on your skills as a photographer and on the quality of the gear that you use. Here are some highly effective guidelines that you may use s you go about in learning how to photograph rainbows. With the following tips, you should be able to snap high quality pictures of your dream rainbow sights.

Tip #1. Find an angle for the best possible background

The first thing that you have to keep in mind while learning how to photograph rainbows is that rainbows are not solid, which means that it may be a little trickier to capture them in the frame. Since rainbows tend to be a little translucent, you have to find an angle that will give you the best possible background when you take your shot. Ideally, the area that you will be choosing should give you a solid sky color behind the review, so that the different colors of your subject will jump right off the picture. Find an angle that will give you the least cluttered background as possible, with no clouds whatsoever, to ensure that you will be able to keep the rainbow as the focus of the photograph.

Tip #2. Take time composing your picture

Make sure that you take the time to compose the picture in such a way that will highlight the magnificence of your subject. For example, you have to see to it that you position the rainbow at the right shot focal points of the image. There is a simple trick that you may use in order to ensure that you place it on the right position. Find the ends of the rainbow and see whether you may place them in line with the lover elements of your photograph. You may have to keep changing your angles in order to achieve this position, but hitting the right spot will surely give you a breathtaking shot.

Tip #3 Include the right elements

Finally, make sure that you include the right elements on the foreground of the shot. While learning how to photograph rainbows, you have to see to it that you will not only balance the flat spacing of the elements of your image, but that you lend the picture depth as well. You want to be able to capture the grandness of your subject, after all, which is why it will be a good idea to place key objects in front of the rainbow. A handful of tress, or some buildings if you live in the city, will give the rainbow the impression of being larger than life. Even better, the right foreground elements will allow you to make the picture more dynamic and interesting, instead of just a picture of a rainbow standing out against a blue background.