How To Take Photos Of The Sun, The Moon And An Eclipse

Need to capture amazing images of the sheer beauty found above us in the sky? Well you probably do, so be prepared, as occasions to record on film such magic moments may be far and between, and you might have a limited time span to take the photos you are so desperate to share with your family and friends.

Today, we have an array of great tips and tricks that will give you the upper hand to take photos of the sun, the moon, and even an eclipse… so I hope you enjoy this excellent photography insight as much as I did:).

How To Take Photos Of The Sun

The most important thing about viewing and photographing the Sun is eye-safety. Never attempt to see the Sun thru any optical instrument without proper filtration otherwise permanent damage to the eye will happen if you are not careful.

There are several filters that can be used to view and photograph the Sun; a cheap and effective alternative is a filter made of solar filter sheet. These filters will block UV and IR radiation and will only let a minimum amount of visible light pass thru. They are safe for viewing and photographing the sun as long as the filter is in perfect condition without tears or punctures. You can buy an already made filter or make your own.

The Baader astrosolar sheet is one of the many options you have. There are other filters available and usually if it’s safe for your eye it’s safe for your camera. Buy good quality filters from telescope & astronomy shops. Think that if a filter is safe for your eye thru a telescope then your camera sensor will be perfectly safe.

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