Night Photography Tips And How To Photograph Stars, Fireworks & Lightning

Now night photography seems to be something a lot of people are in need of learning, according to all of the comments I have been receiving recently, so I have complied an interesting mix of ways to put these night photography tips to really good use.

Most photographers

Most photographers would agree there are not a lot of opportunities to photograph stars in this area. This is partially true but you need very special conditions. The three major challenges are the weather, the moonlight, and the ambient light emitted from the nearby cities. But, if you’re determined enough, you just may find a window of time when you have nice dark skies. This requires a clear night with no moon, and a location isolated from the cities.

Best Tips To Photography the stars and the night sky…

Arrive Early – Possibly before Sunset
This will give you enough time for scouting around the area. During night, It’s difficult to capture details in foreground like flowers, mountain etc. If you arrive early, you pick your spot and take some pictures before it’s completely dark and later takes shots of sky and stars. During Post, you can blend images in your favorite photo editor.

Stable Platform – Tripod and Remote Shutter Release is a must!
Stable Platform is a must to get sharp pictures in Night. When shooting Milky-way, Stars and Meteors, generally exposures are ~30 Sec. It’s almost impossible to get tack sharp pictures w/o stable platform. A good quality tripod and remote shutter release should be first thing you keep in your gear bag before you head out for shooting!

Bryllupsfotograf Aabenraa

Bryllupsfotograf Aalborg






Bryllupsfotograf Aarhus


Bryllupsfotograf Esbjerg