Photography: Capture Your Own Special Moment

Taking pictures is something everyone at one time or another has done.  Some pictures turn out good, others okay while yet others… not so good.  Money spent on getting all of those pictures developed and printed used to be time consuming and very costly.  Well, not anymore. With the advent of digital photography all of the “ okay” and “not so good” pictures go into the trash bucket without ever having seen the light of day.

No more paying for what you know isn’t great.  What a wonderful world of technology we live in. I could give you a history of picture taking with all of the boring stuff related to it but I’m not going to do that.  You don’t need to know how early cameras worked and what was involved in getting images onto a recording surface filled with all sorts of dangerous chemicals.  All you want to do is be able to take a great picture that will bring back fond memories, right?

Digital cameras

Digital cameras have become so popular that the standard “film” camera has pretty much gone by the wayside.  35mm cameras do still have a place in some markets but to be honest you can take your digital camera and computer and create memories that are almost as high in quality as the old-school cameras.  It is of course a matter of choice.  If you prefer film cameras and have invested a lot of money in gathering all of the items that come along with them it will certainly be difficult to give it up for new technology.

I understand that. I would suggest to you though that they can both (standard and digital cameras) live in the same household without  too much conflict.  Just keep them in separate rooms and they will never know that the other one exists. Here’s one hint that is very important.  Always, always and again always carry a camera with you regardless of where you are going.  You just never know when a photo op will present itself.

Sunsets, landscapes or even the occasional vehicle accident all offer picture taking moments.  If you don’t have your camera with you, you can’t get the shot.  It is as simple as that. And, on average, 3.5 seconds later (with you digital camera) you’ll be able to enjoy once again the particular beauty of the photograph you just captured for eternity.

So what’s stopping you? Digital cameras can be purchased for as little as fifty bucks.  Some are even water proof for those of you that might be as “nimble fingered” as me.  I drop things.  One thing I don’t want to drop though is the opportunity to create special moments.  They’re just too special to miss. Here’s to your next 3.5 seconds of memory making.  And like some commercials say “don’t leave home without it.”  That would be your camera.