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We are Photojournalistic Destination Wedding Photographers from Denmark. Some of the best photos taken during your wedding day will be those unexpected moments! One thing you can be certain of is that, we will be there to document every tear, heartfelt emotion, all the joy, energy and chaos that make weddings so special to photograph & capture on celluloid. You will receive beautifully presented images that completely tell the story of your wedding. We are available for weddings in Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Wedding Info

As one of the leading photographers in the field of Candid Wedding Photography, we are excited to present to you, yet another beautiful Wedding!

This wedding story

This wedding story is about a beautiful couple, Iben & Søren Friis. Their wedding was simple, beautiful & at the same time grand, classy, vibrant & colourful! The pictures below are a testimony to this!

The groom, hails from Vejle, Denmark. He was dressed impeccably for the D-Day! Sumit not only comes across but actually is genuinely a very simple & down to earth guy! The bride, on the other hand is someone who comes across as full of energy, bubbly & enthusiastic and she was looking extremely beautiful and photogenic for the occasion!

She was looking stunning & was dressed in a traditional nine yard. The wedding was a proper Wedding & was done with great pomp! It was done with great religious observance and as Candid Wedding Photographers, we had a great time capturing the traditions & rituals at the wedding. Having a good understanding of the above rituals is very important for capturing Candid Moments especially with when it comes to Candid Wedding Photography.