Portrait Info

Here you will find some information about our lifestyle portrait sessions.

First of all we want you to know that we use only natural light for our portrait sessions and we offer two options for you: a photoshoot on location or at your home. For a location shoot we could go to a local park or local village, or we can even drive to the nearest city for more urban look; we are open to any fresh great ideas!

We spend up to 2 hours with you during the shoot and we don’t count how many images we take, we are just snapping away!

The main goal for us is for you to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable. So don’t be nervous on the day, be sure, we will have a lot of fun! We won’t ask you to pose for hours, we want you to be as natural and relaxed as you can.

Some tips for your session:

  • when deciding what to wear please keep in mind that we want YOU to be the focus of the photograph, avoid distracting patterns and prints
  • we would recommend morning sessions with the kids, because they get tired easily and we might not get the results we want
  • if you choose a location shoot we want the light to be perfect, not too dark, not too bright, so we’ll meet up with you either before 11 a.m or 2 hours before the sunset, this is when the lighting is at its best
  • you can have a few changes of clothing for your photoshoot if you want to

After the photoshoot it usually takes up to 10 days to process the images and put them into the password-protected online gallery where you can choose the prints. We then e-mail you the username and the password to log into your gallery.

We will also BLOG the best images from your photoshoot a few days after it, so you can have a sneak peek of what to expect. You can forward the link to your friends and family. Feel free to comment on the post! We really like to hear what you think of the photos!