Quality photography

Quality you can depend on.

First, please note that all of the slide show images on the website are compressed versions of the originals, meant to load fast on all browsers. 

You can be assured that the images you will receive are of high resolution and quality. 


Raw images are approximately 4,300 x 2,900 pixels captured with a professional digital SLR camera. 

For any digital use (viewing on computer screens), this is complete overkill, and this day and age, the majority of artist rarely use print versions of their artwork to submit to places. 

However,  these images can be printed at:

  • 300 dpi (outstanding print quality) up to 11 x 14 inches
  • 200 dpi (very good print) up to 21 x 14 inches

These are very conservative numbers.Invisible spacerIn reality you could print a billboard sized image from these files, and they would look fantastic since billboards are viewed from a distance. That said, there are larger format cameras meant for ‘copying’ work, especially paintings. These create enormous files that can be used to essentially duplicate paintings up to a certain size. That is not my mission, and 99% of artist do not require this.

Invisible spacer

The images I create are between 20-40 MB and in PSD (Photoshop) format. Some artists just want these, some prefer a high quality jpeg. I can provide both.

The following is a link to some of the images shown on this website, but in larger size. While they give a better idea of image sizes, they are still compressed jpegs