SLR Photography Tips

When you are new to photography, getting to know your camera is the first best thing to do. As you learn from tweaking the different functions and settings just to get the perfect pictures, you will also learn the fundamentals of photography. Here are some SLR photography tips taken from photography experts. Some of these SLR photography tips can be helpful for those who are new to the career or hobby.

Use your ISO Settings.

Most SLR beginners really don’t have any idea what ISO means. It maybe the most important technical term that you have to understand about your camera. ISO means International Standardization Organization and has something to do with film speed. If you are taking pictures in dark settings or taking pictures at night or inside a poorly lit room, increasing your ISO setting can dramatically improve your photos.

Keep your camera still.

When facing a dark setting which is still blurry even at high ISO settings, look for something to put the camera on. Find something where you can place your for stability. This will greatly improve the camera’s steadiness in order to give a good shot.

Get yourself a tripod.

However, get yourself a good one! Cheap tripods will easily break, making them impractical for their low quality. Also, they might not work correctly, will easily shake with the wind, etc.

Shoot pictures in RAW.

RAW files are really large and can be challenging to work with. They can easily fill up the space on your hard drive but the ability to make changes to the contrast, exposure, temperature before processing the image creates a big difference. This tip is most helpful for art photographers when they still want to do modifications in order to create the best photo they can make.

Use Photoshop.

Almost all digital pictures can be enhanced by editing it. You can do things like changing sharpness, saturation, contrast, color, etc. If you think it is too much to spend on Photoshop, you can also use other free software like Google’s Picasa.

Shoot plenty of photos and take advantage of the digital technology.

Feel free to delete most of the images you had. When you spot something which you want to be your subject, take 6 shots of the same thing. Other pictures could be bad and you can only choose the best one and delete the others.

Change perspective.

When you think that you already have your subject captured and framed, try other perspectives and see the difference. You can go down on the ground and shoot from there. Or you can just set your camera on the ground and capture your subject from there to have a new perspective. You can shoot from above. Find someplace where you can stand up. Look closer. Move back. Turn around and look what’s behind? Are you not noticing something spectacular? Keep your mind open for the various ways you can make the same shot. Change the angle of your shot. Tilt your camera. Make a vertical, diagonal or horizontal shot. Crop out the heavens. Crop out the land, leaving only a very thin strip at the bottom. Change your perspective and make various versions of the same thing.

Choosing your lens.

It makes such a great difference when you shoot using good lenses. Experiment with different lenses and be sure that a good portion of the budget for your hobby is spent to at least one or two good lenses. Some people like lenses with flexible range of distances aside from those lenses with fixed focal rates.

Hopefully, these SLR photography tips will be of great to the amateur photographer. Just remember that regardless of where you will use your pictures, photography will always be photography.