Sports Photography

The Olympic Games have produced some of the greatest sports moments in history. And to go along with the great moments, there are often great photos: images that craft our memory of these moments.

Sports photographers from all over will descend on London Olympics to capture some of the world’s best athletes in the heat of competition and you can join in on the fun too!

CNN is inviting photographers to share their very best sports photography to CNN’s iReport sports photography master class.

Before sending in your photos, arm yourself with killer tips from sports photography experts. Then grab your camera, attend a local sporting event and submit your best shots. The best images, as selected by CNN photographers, will be featured in a photo gallery for

Tip #1

Use a fast shutter speed to stop action and a large aperture to create a shallow depth of field. If you prefer to use an automatic mode, use the “sports” program. Your camera will automatically select a fast shutter speed and large f-stop. 

Tip #2

Try to find a clean background. This will focus the viewer’s attention on your subject. Also, concentrate on your timing so you can capture exact moments, such as the ball leaving the pitcher’s fingertips.

Tip #3

Another composition technique used to direct the viewer’s attention is called the “rule of thirds.” Positioning your subject off to one side of the frame can make your pictures more interesting.