story tellers

We love being story tellers and we work hard to plan the best way to be ready for unexpected and surprise moments that make each wedding day unique. At their wedding, there were so many beautiful moments, but one of our favourites was when the brides mothers pulled her onstage to sing and dance to one of her favourite childhood songs. We were able to capture the surprise, laughter and emotion of the performance and it turned into some of our favourite photographs of the day!

10 Great Tips for Taking Better Vacation Pictures

Summer is typically when most families travel on vacation, and more likely than not, you’ll be traveling camera-ready. Any photographer, both professional or amateur, can use simple tips to help them take better vacation photos.

Professional photographer, Andy Biggs has taken pictures at some of the most beautiful and exotic locations in the world and here he shares 10 great tips for taking better photos while vacationing.

Tip #1 Always Remember to Have Your Camera With You

Tip #2 Include People In Your Shots

Tip #3 Take Your Photos During the Best Light of the Day

Tip #4 Remember to Take Your Camera Manual

Tip #5 Vary the Types of Photographs