Tasty Tips On How To Photograph Food

In the business of food industry, the presentation is the essential key to sell that is why it is no wonder that the pictures of food menus are what deceive people in trying the actual product. In a branch of commerce where the only free taste that you could get from the food is by looking at the picture, the photos are what makes or breaks it – they must actually be inviting and appealing enough to make the consumer what to buy.

Tip #1- Use Natural Lighting

So what exactly are the ways on how to photograph food? One of the basic tips is to use natural lighting. Most photographers use natural light when they take pictures of food because it helps give off the “freshness” that one cannot attain when using artificial lights. Also, the setting of the photograph must be “food-friendly”; an appropriate setting would be a kitchen counter or a dining table. However, when one is in doubt, it is best to have a minimalist background instead. Any solid color will do, as long as it will not camouflage with the food being shot for when this happens, it gives off a wrong illusion on how the food is presented or what it really is like. When the photographer is uncertain of which color is best to contrast the food, a white background is always the safest choice.

Tasty Tips On How To Photograph Food

Tip #2- Stick with the Original Color

In shooting photos of food, it is important to stick with the original color of the food as it is and avoid editing it. The key in presenting these kind of photos is to replicate the real food, that is why when photos are being edited, the color at times become distorted and the image will no longer look genuine nor appealing to the viewer. Also, choosing angles is also an advantage in shooting food photos. There are types of food which are best presented when shown in a front angle while there are some which are better shown in side view, such as burgers. Burgers are shot from the side to show more of the details – which is of course, the appealing element of the food.

Tip #3- Flaunt the Details

Another tip in how to photograph food, as mentioned earlier, is to flaunt the details. The trick to achieve this is to zoom in as close as possible so that even the smallest of the particulars will become a big deal to the consumer. It will also help if the food is sliced, cut or diced because by doing so, it shows the inside which will mostly result into a great shot. For instance, slicing fruits is a good way to show the freshness of the food or the slicing of a cake will illustrate the fillings or the layers which in turn is very appealing. An additional trick in shooting food photos is to “cheat” by using industry tricks such as brushing vegetable oil on food to make them glisten or using mashed potatoes as “ice cream” during the shoot so that they won’t “melt.” The cheating, of course, is not intended to trick the consumers but is only used for practical purposes.

Tip #4- Work Quickly

There are tons of other tricks that could answer the question, “How to photograph food?” But the most basic of them all is to actually work quickly during the shoot. Food looks more alluring when they are freshly prepared that is why when one takes so much time, that element may soon be gone and so does the tasty factor of a food photo. So better work fast – no worries, for afterwards, there surely will be a feast.