The Phoblographer Magazine On Flipboard

Via : Yesterday, we attended an event that Flipboard held with Editors and Publishers about their new features in Flipboard 2.0. We know lots of you come to us via the popular app, so we made our own magazine on the platform to help give you a better experience of the photography world. And today, we’re officially announcingThe Phoblographer Magazine on Flipboard.

The Phoblographer magazine is our latest tool in helping to curate the photography world. We feature loads of interesting photos that we find, the latest in photography trends, tips, tricks, and our own content which includes tutorials, reviews, news and the staff’s opinions on photography culture.

We’re extremely excited to be announcing the new window to our world and we welcome you to peer into it.

To Read The Phoblographer Magazine: You must have a Flipboard 2.0 device (and at the moment of publishing this piece it is only on iOS devices.) You can click this link from your mobile device and add us that way. It looks great on an iPad. The company promises that support for Android is coming soon.