Top Street Photography Tips for Beginners

Walking around the neighborhood, taking shots of random things, random people and random occurrences is the usual setting of street photographers. Street photography, defined as the documentation of the life on the streets or of everyday life, is actually easier said than done.

Tip #1: Constantly Keep Moving

The easiest among the street photography tips is to constantly keep moving. Street photographers are never stagnant because if they were, they will never get good shots or images of what is going on around them. By going to and from places, a photographer will be able to familiarize himself with the environment and will eventually find good subjects to take. Another basic tip in shooting street photos is to be like a boy scout: always ready. A street photographer must be prepared to take shots because interesting subjects can appear anytime in the streets and to lose a chance to take them will be a big regret on his part. Also, he must always be all set when it comes to his instruments such as his camera’s batteries, the flash or even the other lenses he needs in taking photos. This is necessary as to avoid hassle or losing opportunities to take good images.

Tip #2: Be Prepared to Take Hundreds of Shots

There is a saying that goes a picture is worth a thousand words. In this type of photography, therefore, there are hundred thousands of words being shot every single time a street photographer works. A single shot does not always guarantee a good one so it is important that he is prepared to take a hundred, just to be sure. Perseverance and patience are good traits in street photography.

Tip #3: Take Candid Shots

Though in street photography, as mentioned earlier, a person is encouraged to take lots of pictures, it is not however enough that he takes them without reason. The shots must always be remarkable – there must always be something new about the scene taken. Candid shots are always a favorite in street photography because they really depict the real stories of everyday life. Also, be careful about your background for there might be elements that you do not intend to be included or there are factors that will confuse or destroy the essence of the photo itself.

Tip #4: Be Subtle as Possible

One of the most important street photography tips is to be as subtle as possible. A photographer must hide his camera because not all people appreciate having their photo taken. Always keep a low profile. Do not use flash if not needed and turn off any beeping sound that the camera makes whenever one is shooting. Asking permission, though, can be done if necessary and if the photographer has the time to ask every single person that is involved in the shot. If a person got offended when his photo was taken, an apology must be done. The key is to be always conscious of the feelings of others, because no matter how many artistic reasons he has, a photographer is still invading someone else’s privacy when he takes their picture.

More Street Photography Tips!

All in all, the most basic of the basics of street photography tips are the following: to find a place where there are lots of events or where the surrounding is busy so that looking for subjects won’t be so difficult; to search for different elements in a shot such as irony, juxtaposition or different emotions; and lastly, to always be polite and ready. Click responsibly.