Using A Digital Camera – Fill Flash Mode

If you are frustrated with your digital camera, and want to learn how to take great photographs, then today we have one of the best photography tips that will greatly improve both your digital camera knowledge and your picture taking abilities.

One of the great hidden features on digital cameras is the fill flash or flash on mode. By taking control of the flash you can make sure it goes on when you want it to, not when the camera deems it appropriate. If you do this, you’ve just taken an important step toward capturing great outdoor photographs.

When the camera is in flash on mode

When the camera is in flash on mode, it exposes first for the background and then adds just enough flash to illuminate your portrait subject. The result is that you get a professional-looking picture in which everything in the composition looks good. This is something that wedding photographers routinely use. After you get the hang of using it outdoors, you can try a couple variations on this theme by positioning the subjects so that the sun illuminates their hair from the side or the back. This is often referred to as rim lighting.

Another good technique is to put the model in the shade under a tree, and then use the flash to illuminate the subject. This keeps the model comfortable and cool; they won’t have to squint their eyes from the harsh sun. This also often results in a more relaxed looking portrait.

Bryllupsfotograf Silkeborg

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