Where to share your photography

We’ve all got them. That perfect shot hidden away on our hard drive or waiting in a negative sleeve.

But, with 80 bajillion photo sharing sites out there the question of where to share our masterpieces is not always an easy answer.

Getting your photos in the right place means getting your photos seen, so Photojojo has come up with a foolproof guide to help you figure out:

A) What type of photographer are you?

B) Where should you share your stuff?

Sound simple? It is!

You can finally give ImageHive the heave ho and find the sharing service that’s right for you.

A Personalized Guide to Photo Sharing

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The Globetrotting Travel Snapper

What They’re About: Hopping from hotel to hostel in search of graffiti filled alleyways and temples shrouded in fog.

Where They Share:

Flickr: The Flickr Travel Photography Group boasts over 75,000 members and the improved mobile app makes it easy to share while on safari.

Instagram: This photo-sharing app incorporates a neat map showing all your geotagged photos and makes it easy to share your travels across all your favorite social media sites at once.

Postagram: This app revolutionized the postcard. Simply take a pic on your phone, write a message, and hit send. The Italian postal system could learn a thing or two from these guys.

Their Cameras: Waterproof compacts, mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, dinged up DSLRs

The Fashionista Portrait Popper

What They’re About:The Portrait Popper assures that the fashions of their generation don’t go undocumented.

Where They Share:

Pinterest: A place to share and keep track of your best fashion photos. A digital dream board that serves fashion-fans as a well of inspiration.

Pose: Similar in design to Pinterest but much more fashion centered. Pose offers some fantastic features like the ability to tag items of clothing when you post!

Lookbook: The fashion-inclined share not only their best daily ensembles, but their best shots, too.

Their Cameras: Holgas, Polaroids, 85mm lenses

The Light Bending Experimenter

What They’re About: Photographic mavericks that set the shutter to their own tune and have no fright of the night.

Where They Share:

Flickr: Has a number of experimental groups such as: Experimentation, Experimental Techniques, Light Painting, Digital Abstract, and Illusions

DeviantArt: While not a solely photography based site DeviantArt showcases some fantastic abstract and digital art that overlaps with photography.

Reddit: Subreddits cover all manner of niche photography including: /r/toycameras, /r/PerfectTiming,/r/lightpainting, and the tantalizingly titled yet completely safe for work /r/exposureporn/

Their Cameras: Anything that will take a photo! From paper pinhole cameras, to giant walk-in camera rigs, to glitchy phone cameras and Rebels.

The Foodie Chronicler

What They’re About: Each day brings a new opportunity to fill their bellies and Instagram feeds with the best of both worlds.

Where They Share:

Instagram: To the foodie photog Instagram is like brushing your teeth, something you do everyday at least 2-3 times.

Foodspotting: This foodcentric photo app makes it easy to tag food types and find other users’ yummy stuff.

Serious Eats: The Photograzing section of Serious Eats offers up some of the finest food photography on the net.

Their Cameras: Their phone, DSLR or anything that will shoot macro

The Family Memory Machine

What They’re About: Pictorially protecting holidays, graduations, and family vacations from the inevitable fade of memory.

Where They Share:

Facebook: The popularity of Facebook, it’s simple design, and the ability to simply tag family members makes Facebook the social network of choice when it comes to family photo sharing.

Shutterfly: This popular print making service makes it easy to create photo books, stationery, and calendars from your own shots. It even has an app so you can use photos from your iPhone!

Their Cameras: Point-and-shoots, DSLRs, iPads, and zooming cameras for capturing various sporting events.

The Landscape Lover

What They’re About: The Landscape Lover can’t get enough of the outdoors and they have the camouflage tripod to prove it.

Where They Share:

Google: Nature photography based communities, built in photo editing, and extra large image uploads.

500px: Contributions from amazing landscape photographers from all around the world help to make 500px the gold standard of social photo sites. If you are interested in selling prints, this may be a good place to start.

Their Cameras: Million mega pixel DSLRs, medium format film holdouts

The Analogue Enthusiast

What They’re About:35mm, medium format or Polaroid, these retro revivalists love affair with analogue borders on religious.

Where They Share:

Tumblr: Powerful blogging resource and treasure trove of analogue projects. Search ‘film photography’ tag for some fine examples, and check out I Still Shoot Film and Filmspiration.

Flickr: There are tons of film photography groups on Flickr including this aptly titled group: I Shoot Film, which has a pool of over 2 million film shots. Whew, thats over 50 miles of film!

Meetup: This website is great for finding passionate people with similar interests and has loads of groups that are tailored towards film fanatics. (Ahem, photo walks!)

Their Cameras: Nikon F3s, Bronica S2s, Canon A-1s

The DIY Photo Crafter

What They’re About: While most people are content with a photo’s standard two dimensions, Photo Crafters like to see it in all three.

Where They Share:

Pinterest: The DIY and Crafts section of Pinterest is a mecca for those seeking crafty inspiration and looking to share their latest creations.

Instructables: This is where the mad scientists and fearless explorers of the photo world come to hand out their crafty camera hacks.

Their Cameras: DSLRs sporting a Holga lens, home modified IR cameras, their phone with a fisheye lens attached.

The Micro Macro Marvel

What They’re About: This specialized breed of shutter bug goes mad for all things small miniscule.

Where They Share:

Flickr: Boasting a number of fantastic macro groups such as Flower Closeups, Closer and Closer, Macro in Black and White, Macro Liquid, and Secret Forrest.

Small World: For thirty six years, Nikon’s Small World competition has been showing the world that the microscope can be just as effective as a paint brush for showcasing life’s natural beauty.

Their Cameras: Even your phone takes pretty sweet macro shots these days, but pros and enthusiasts shoot DSLRs with specialized lens so they feel special.